The Leaf/Forest TowerEdit

Leaf Tower is one of the 10 Known towers of Turbo. It was founded by Lu Hitoshi. It is home to many people. It is where Johnsei,Iruka,Alexis , and Takashi were born.Heg actually wasn't. He was born on a mission. The Leaf has 3 major landmarks. The School for Assassins. The Statue of Lu. Finally, The Hitoshi Family Hopsital.

The Leaf HistoryEdit

A long time ago, a man named Lu Hitoshi was trying to be assassinated. He luckily escaped. As he stoped at a lake for water he saw a giant tower on top of a forest. It took him 6 days to get there but he arrived. Note: It took him 6 days because there were no cars. When he arrived there were no houses or buildings. Just a food stand and 52 oher people. A few were sweeping. Most of them had a history of building the food stand. Lu told them about his adventure. He was elected Mayor of The Leaf. Later after the election the Leaf was built.

The Leaf TodayEdit

Today the leaf has a hospital and a school. The Leaf's mayor is not from the leaf. He is from the Desert. His name is Jurio. In result Jurio had to be assassinated by Poison Tower's Jabuto and Tob'ito. I won't say who won because that will spoil the chapter.

The Leaf's Native StyleEdit

The Leaf does a style called Flaming Wood Technique. These users should become the next Lu Hitoshi or the next Jurio. The  next Lu was never founded but the next mayor is suppose to be Skarlet. Johnsei was sent to capture Skarlet.

Skarlet is mayorEdit

Now that Skarlet is the new mayor of the leaf after she was captured she escaped. Takashi and Iruka were then sent to capture Skarlet again. SInce Johnsei failed he was forced the leave and meet with other Dragons who possesses the same power as Johnsei whom captured the others.

The StatusEdit

Native Style: Flaming Wood Style

Status: Active

Country Number: 4th

Day Founded: May 7th

Leaf Tower Symbol