Luna ueno

Luna UenoEdit

Luna is 22 years old and is the 12th League Shikaku. She is only 3 Leagues away into becoming a Low Ranked Shukun. She is apart of the Hisakata-to's Shikaku.

Name Luna Ueno
Tower Hisakata-to



Hisakata Shikaku


Birthday February 4th
Status Alive
Record #  345678


Eye Lazer




Eye Detecting

Reza Kenko

Tengoku Kiri


Luna acts friendly towards the elder people in the Hisakata-to area. She is known as the fastest rising Shikaku of Hisakata-to. She has been seen in many chapters walking through the forest.


She has short black hair with her headband ontop of her head. She wears a white short sleeved shirt under a pink sleeveless top. As you can see in the picture her sandals go all the way up to her knees and she wears bandages under her skirt.

Powers and Special AbilitiesEdit

Luna knows five abilities. The Sasso-ken, Eye Detecting, Reza Kenko, and Tengoku Kiri. Her special birth power was the robot like left eye. It looks like a normal eye but inside you see a cyborg's eye. This eye can produce lazers, and detect energy.

About (Turbo)Edit

Luna lives in a small house by herself but commonly hangs out with her half-brother, Yen. They commonly go to the pound at night known as the Sacred Folding Pound. At night the moon beems over the pound and creates one's future.


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