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This is about a private manga known as Turbo, Turbo: Unleashed, and Turbo X. Characters, Powers, Towers, and more. You can help Turbo Pedia by adding and editing pages. The title "Turbo" is named after the fighting style of Martial Arts and Jujitsu and Wrestling and Fantasy Fighting. 

Turbo Facts

The first Turbo Manga was released in 2008. 

Johnsei's first name was "johny."

Turbo's genres are...

  • Fantasy
  • Edo
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Edmna

Turbo SummaryEdit

24,000 years ago, 10 Towers were founded by Assassin all over the world. One day Doku-to (塔) plotted to claim all towers by murdering everyone in that specific tower. Since most people in Doku-to were loyal they didn't want to kill anyone innocent. This infuriated Zaku so he came up with Aka-Wa (Red Circle). Only those with a desire to kill were allowed to join. A hero named Tora Atsui stoped the Aka-Wa but he died in the process.

This gave a new law to form Teams to stop Aka-Wa and Doku-to once and for all. This law was made out of Tora's goal. 24,000 years later, 23 year old Johnsei became a hero of his time and vowed to kill Zaku and destroy the new Aka-Wa! But he must face the toughest challenges in his life to do so.


Poison 1

Doku-to's Aka-Wa symbol.

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